Creating a new header pic: Part 2

Master of Advanced Studies in Business Intelligence

Due to change in weather, I’ve decided to update my current header pic project from snowy to springy. I shot some more pictures and learned from the mistakes I’d made while creating the first panoramic images as lighting and reference material (E.g. not to change camera settings or PTGui won’t recognize bracketed exposure sets).

In other news: Because my old MacBook Pro just wouldn’t deliver, I’ve acquired a shiny new HP Z2 mini Workstation which seems to handle the workload quite well. I switched back to Windows 10 for this project because a new comparable Mac would’ve been just too expensive. (Money I badly needed for a new Adobe Creative Cloud License.)

In other news: I’ve learned that if you need some real-world terrain meshes for reference or modelling purposes, you can get them via SketchUp and it’s built-in geolocation system.

And for anyone who’s wondering what all this might be leading up to some random design sketches: