Spitzenleichtathletik Luzern 2016

Coder, Developer, Engineer


What’s the fastest possible way to transfer your pictures and videos from your iPhone to your MacBook? I’don’t know… but here’s a step-by-step tutorial how not to do it:

  1. AirDrop: iPhone can’t find MacBook Air.
  2. AirDrop: iPhone finds MacBook, but doesn’t transfer too much.
  3. Looking for iCloud. No chance.
  4. Activate iCloud on iPhone.
  5. Can’t transfer photos to iCloud (can I?)
  6. Trying transmitting images via E-Mail: Forget it!
  7. Try Dropbox: Veery slow…
  8. Checking again Airdrop: Still nothing.
  9. Checking Dropbox: Still very slow…
  10. Setting up USB. Trying Photos App. Realizing: Not enough storage space on MacBook Air to save all the pics. Aha!
  11. Switching to (too old) MacBook Pro. Plugging in USB…
  12. Starting up Photos App: «Preparing Photos: 13%,… 14%,…» Veery slow, again.
  13. Starting up Picasa… Bad Idea. RAM’s getting upset.
  14. Checking again the Dropbox-Folder. Almost done. OK, I surrender.
  15. Uploading designated pics from MacBook to WordPress: HTTP ERROR! (Panorama-Pics are too big, I figure)
  16. Resizing via Photoshop (RAM disagrees)…
  17. Finally uploading Gallery.
  18. Uploading Slo-Mo Video directly from iOS to YouTube and wondering: will it be in Slow-Motion?
  19. It IS in slo-mo!
  20. Finally ready to publish another article noone’s gonna read and…
  21. …good night, I’ve had enough for today!