High Rise

Rating: 1

My very good friend and co-watcher (let’s call him «Valser-Boy») and I agreed even before the iTunes trailer ended: «High Rise» would be the chosen film of the evening. I think we both hoped it would be something in the likes of «Fight Club»*: Stylish, somewhat eery, visual stunning, hyperrealistic, violent and… good, maybe even outstanding.

Which it pretty much was,… until it wasn’t and became an awful, shallow but convuluted, and most important, boring comment on class war, with one hour runtime still to suffer through.

It felt as if its makers tried too hard to begin with, even succeeded, but then lost interest and just let it slide once they realized how thin their material was. (I guess – I haven’t read the book beforehand and I sure won’t do it now.)

If you should choose to watch «High Rise», do yourself a favour and quit in the middle, before you know what the whole thing really might be about. Because once you do, you’ll probably won’t care anymore and you’ll be just counting the minutes until this torture ends.

I guess «Valser-Boy» and I should’ve gone with the first movie we watched the (very uninspired) trailer of: «The Neon Demon».
I’ll keep you informed. Don’t call me, we’ll call you…

*) So you haven’t seen «Fight Club»? Oh, it’s nothing special, just one of the best f*cking movies ever made.